Einrichtungsanleitung (PDF) - POWERPLAY Wireless Charging System (2024)

Einrichtungsanleitung (PDF) - POWERPLAY Wireless Charging System (1)

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Füllen Sie alle Angaben korrekt aus, um Ihre Service- und Support-Ansprüche zu überprüfen.
Es ist wichtig, das richtige Land anzugeben.*

`; var warranty_status_workato_endpoint="https://apim.workato.com/product-lookup-v10/prod/warranty-for-serial-num"; var warranty_status_workato_token="eada23b666b5b1597cac6a0b2b62e219e30f09077fd75cb3ba8c361e74289a0f"; var warranty_status_form_final_page_based_on_ext_warranty =`Enddatum der Garantie
Anhand Garantieverlängerung (JJJJ-MM-TT)`; var checking_serial_number_warranty_status_form_id = "360006739433"; var warranty_status_form_final_page_based_on_serial_num =`Enddatum der Garantie
Anhand Seriennummer (JJJJ-MM-TT)`; var warranty_status_form_final_page_based_on_purchase_date =`Enddatum der Garantie
Anhand Kaufdatum (JJJJ-MM-TT)`; var productList_Response; var warranty_end_date; var warranty_type; var today; var continuebutton = `Weiter`; var backbutton = `Zurück`; var Unexpectederror = `Fehler beim Abrufen des Enddatums über workato`; var invalidSerialerror = `Geben Sie eine gültige Seriennummer ein.`; var noproduct_message =" Keine Produkte gefunden"; var fieldIdMap = new Map([ ["Product",{"id":"360019373854","name":"Product", "hideonload":false,"required":true}], ["serial_number_or_confirmation_code" , { "id":"360019376633", "hideonload":false,"required":true}], ["name" , { "id":"360019375594", "hideonload":false,"required":true}] , ["company_name" , { "id":"360019364774", "hideonload":false,"required":false}], ["email" , { "id":"requester_email", "hideonload":false,"required":false}], ["language" , { "id":"360019366794", "hideonload":false,"required":false}], ["country" , { "id":"360019382014", "hideonload":false,"required":false}], ["phone_number" , { "id":"360019385593", "hideonload":false,"required":false}], ["software_one_case_id" , { "id":"360019378373", "hideonload":false,"required":true}], ["description" , { "id":"description", "hideonload":false,"required":true}], ["RMA_required" , { "id":"360019378533", "hideonload":false,"required":true}], ["shipping_method" , { "id":"360019366894", "hideonload":true,"required":false}], ["street_address" , { "id":"360019376293", "hideonload":true,"required":false}], ["city" , { "id":"360019364094", "hideonload":true,"required":false}], ["state" , { "id":"360019376333", "hideonload":true,"required":false}], ["postal_code" , { "id":"360019364134", "hideonload":true,"required":false}], ["internal_note" , { "id":"360019366814", "hideonload":false,"required":true}], ["software_one_agent_name" , { "id":"360019366854", "hideonload":false,"required":true}], ["authentication_code" , { "id":"360019366874", "hideonload":false,"required":true}], ["attachment" , { "id":"request-attachments", "hideonload":false,"required":false}], ["type" , { "id":"360011873473","name":"type", "hideonload":true,"required":false}], ["priority" , { "id":"360011873493","name":"priority", "hideonload":true,"required":false}], ["ticket_origin" , { "id":"360019375494","name":"ticket_origin", "hideonload":true,"required":false}], ["secondary_origin" , { "id":"360019749493","name":"secondary_origin", "hideonload":true,"required":false}], ["disposition" , { "id":"360019426594","name":"disposition", "hideonload":true,"required":false}], ["linked_product_id" , { "id":"360019372674","name":"linked_product_id", "hideonload":true,"required":false}], ["business_group" , { "id":"360019386653","name":"Business Group", "hideonload":true,"required":false}], ["routing_category" , { "id":"360019426873","name":"Routing Category", "hideonload":true,"required":false}], ["product_id" , { "id":"360019382494","name":"Product Id", "hideonload":true,"required":false}], ["product_short_name" , { "id":"360019373054","name":"Product Short Name", "hideonload":true,"required":false}], ]);; var fieldDependancyMap = new Map([["RMA_required" , new Map([ [ "yes" , [ { "field":"shipping_method", "display":true, "required":true},{ "field":"street_address", "display":true, "required":true},{ "field":"city", "display":true, "required":true},{ "field":"state", "display":true, "required":true},{ "field":"postal_code", "display":true, "required":true}] ], [ "rma_no" , [ { "field":"shipping_method", "display":"false", "required":false},{ "field":"street_address", "display":false, "required":false},{ "field":"city", "display":false, "required":false},{ "field":"state", "display":false, "required":false},{ "field":"postal_code", "display":false, "required":false}] ] ]) ] ]);; var jumpstartEscalationStaticFieldVal = new Map([ ["subject", {"value": "JUMPSTART Service Escalation Request"}], ["ticket_form_id", {"value": "360001032333"}], ["routing_cat", {"value": "routing_seed","id": "360019426873"}], ["product_id", {"id": "360019382494"}]]);; var assetsSmartdock = "/hc/theming_assets/01HZPJE4AZJ27PE94KR99TXEEP"; var jumpstartEscalationHeader = "JUMPSTART SERVICE-ESKALATIONSANFRAGE"; var jumpstartEscalationContent = "

Bitte verwenden Sie dieses Formular, um ein Support-Ticket für den Logitech Support zu erstellen

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Hilfe bei der Einrichtung

Einrichtungsanleitung (PDF) - POWERPLAY Wireless Charging System (2)

"; var invalidError = "Das entspricht nicht der Seriennummer auf einem Tap-Display. Sie können die Seriennummer auf der Unterseite des Tap finden, indem Sie das untere Gehäuse des Tap abschrauben und/oder den bereits installierten Adapter entfernen. Sie können die Seriennummer auch auf der Verpackung des Tap-Produkts finden."; var invalidErrorForjumpstartEscalation = "Ungültiger Code, bitte geben Sie entweder Ihren Bestätigungscode oder Ihre Produktseriennummer erneut ein."; var expiredError = "Leider ist Ihr Anspruch auf JumpStart Serviceleistungen abgelaufen. Wenn Sie Hilfe zur Problembehebung oder technische Unterstützung benötigen, wenden Sie sich an den Logitech Support unter https://support.logi.com"; var unexpectedError = "Ein unerwarteter Fehler ist aufgetreten. Bitte kontaktieren Sie den Logitech Kundensupport unter https://support.logi.com"; var invalidEmail = "Geben Sie eine gültige E-Mail-Adresse ein."; var invalidAuthenticationcode = "Geben Sie einen gültigen Authentifizierungscode ein." var jumpstartEscalationThankyouPage = "

Ihre Serviceanforderung wurde gesendet.
Einer unserer Service-Experten wird sich innerhalb eines Werktages mit Ihnen in Verbindung setzen, um Ihnen behilflich zu sein.
Sie können dieses Fenster jetzt schließen oder Sie bleiben auf der Support-Website.

"; var jumpstart_escalation_endpoint="https://apim.workato.com/jumpstart-server-side-v1-10/jumpstart-escalation"; var jumpstartphoneinfo = ''; var enterEmail = "E-Mail-Adresse eingeben"; var emptyNameErrorMsg = ""; var emailSuccess = "Die E-Mail wurde erfolgreich gesendet."; var emailRetry = "Bitte versuchen Sie es noch einmal."; var countryList = JSON.parse(JSON.stringify({ country: { "zh-hk": "country_hk", "en-150": "country_gb", "en-hk": "country_hk", "en-in": "country_in", "en-ie": "country_ie", "en-my": "country_my", "en-nz": "country_nz", "en-ph": "country_ph", "en-sg": "country_sg", "en-za": "country_za", "en-ch": "country_ch", "zh-cn": "country_cn", "en-gb": "country_gb", "en-us": "country_us", "en-001": "country_us", "fi": "country_fi", "fr": "country_fr", "fr-be": "country_be", "fr-ca": "country_ca", "fr-ch": "country_ch", "de": "country_de", "de-at": "country_at", "zh-tw": "country_tw", "de-ch": "country_ch", "el": "country_gr", "hu": "counrty_hu", "id": "country_id", "it": "country_it", "it-ch": "country_ch", "ja": "country_jp", "ko": "country_kr", "no": "country_no", "pl": "country_pl", "cs": "country_cz", "pt-br": "country_br", "ru": "country_ru", "es": "country_es", "es-ar": "country_ar", "es-419": "country_mx", "es-mx": "country_mx", "sv": "country_se", "th": "country_th", "tr": "country_tr", "vi": "country_vn", "da": "country_dk", "nl": "country_nl", "nl-be": "country_be", "en-au": "country_au", "en-ca": "country_ca" }})); var IEFieldMap = new Map([["name" , { "id":"360019375594","name":"Name", "hideonload":false,"required":true}] ,["email" , { "id":"requester_email","name":"Email", "hideonload":false,"required":false}],["Country" , { "id":"360019382014","name":"Country", "hideonload":false,"required":true}],["product_type" , { "id":"360019373874","name":"Product Type", "hideonload":false,"required":true}],["escalation_origin" , { "id":"360019375554","name":"Escalation Origin", "hideonload":false,"required":true}],["authentication_code" , { "id":"360019366874","name":"Authentication Code", "hideonload":false,"required":true}],["description" , { "id":"description","name":"Description of Customer's Issue", "hideonload":false,"required":true}],["type" , { "id":"360011873473","name":"type", "hideonload":true,"required":false}],["priority" , { "id":"360011873493","name":"priority", "hideonload":true,"required":false}],["ticket_origin" , { "id":"360019375494","name":"ticket_origin", "hideonload":true,"required":false}],["secondary_origin" , { "id":"360019749493","name":"secondary_origin", "hideonload":true,"required":false}],["disposition" , { "id":"360019426594","name":"disposition", "hideonload":true,"required":false}], ["linked_product_id" , { "id":"360019372674","name":"linked_product_id", "hideonload":true,"required":false}] ]);; var IEStaticFieldVal = new Map([ ["subject", {"value": "Internal Escalation Request"}], ["ticket_form_id", {"value": "360001040834"}]]);; var IEHeader = "INTERNE ESKALATIONSANFORDERUNG"; var IEContent = "

Bitte verwenden Sie dieses Formular, um eine Eskalation an den Kundensupport über soziale Medien zu senden

"; var IEThankyouPage = "

Ihre Serviceanforderung wurde gesendet.
Einer unserer Service-Experten wird sich innerhalb eines Werktages mit Ihnen in Verbindung setzen, um Ihnen behilflich zu sein.
Sie können dieses Fenster jetzt schließen oder Sie bleiben auf der Support-Website.

"; var assetsEducationSupportHeroImage = "/hc/theming_assets/01HZPJDJW6YEJT2PG6XQWCF2HY"; var serialNoInfo = "

Bitte nur eine Seriennummer eingeben. Wenn Sie mehrere Seriennummern registrieren möchten, können Sie unten eine CSV-Datei als Anhang hochladen.

"; var eduHeroTitle = "Logitech Education – Support"; var notLoggedInUserInfo = "Es ist nicht erforderlich, ein Benutzerkonto zu haben. Dies ermöglicht es Ihnen jedoch, Ihr Produkt zu registrieren, um die Dauer Ihrer eingeschränkten Hardwaregarantie zu überprüfen, Ihren Supportverlauf anzuzeigen und auf Ihre Bedürfnisse zugeschnittenen Support zu erhalten."; var productInfoConsumerURL = "

Ihr Produkt wird nicht angezeigt? Sehen Sie sich auf unserer Kundendienst-Seite um!

"; var education_support_form_id = "360004097733"; var education_fields = "360019375594,360019382014,360019395193,360044898493,1900002403645"; education_fields = education_fields.split(" ").join(""); var serialNumberTicketFieldId = "360019395193"; var response_center_form_id = "360001149214"; var responseCenterFieldMap = new Map([["name" , { "id":"360019375594", "name":"Name", "hideonload":false,"required":true, "show":true }] ,["email" , { "id":"requester_email", "name":"Email", "hideonload":false,"required":true, "show":true}],["topics_case_category" , { "id":"360019379113", "name":"Topics/Case Category", "hideonload":false,"required":true, "show":true}],["Country" , { "id":"360019382014", "name":"Country", "hideonload":false,"required":true, "show":true}],["description" , { "id":"description", "name":"Description of Customer's Issue", "hideonload":false,"required":true, "show":true}]]);; var resCenterFormCont = "

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Einrichtungsanleitung (PDF) - POWERPLAY Wireless Charging System (3)

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Einrichtungsanleitung (PDF) - POWERPLAY Wireless Charging System (30)

Einrichtungsanleitung (PDF)

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Einrichtungsanleitung (PDF) - POWERPLAY Wireless Charging System (31)

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Einrichtungsanleitung (PDF) - POWERPLAY Wireless Charging System (2024)


How to enable PowerPlay charging? ›

  1. 1 Turn off mouse.
  2. 2 Plug in charging base.
  3. 3 Replace weight module with POWERCORE charging module.
  4. 4 Turn mouse on.

Why is my wireless charger not working? ›

There may be several causes behind your issue, such as an unstable connection between the charging pad and your device, poor connection due to a phone case, or use of a charger that is incompatible with your device.

What phones are compatible with wireless gear wireless chargers? ›

15W Qi-Certified Fast Wireless Charging Pad for Galaxy S21,S20,S10,S9,S8,Note 20,10. iPhone 12, 12Pro, 12 Pro Max, SE, 11, 11Pro, 11Pro Max, Xs Max, XR, XS, X, 8, AirPods Include AC Adapter.

Why is my power charger not charging? ›

It could be due to a faulty charging cable, a loose connection, or an issue with the power bank's circuitry. Sometimes, the problem may lie with the device you are trying to charge rather than the power bank itself. It's important to troubleshoot and identify the root cause of the issue to ensure efficient charging.

How do I enable super charge? ›

Super fast charging is only available on select device, and you will need to use a 25W or 45W Samsung-approved adapter.
  1. To use a charging feature, first navigate to and open Settings, and then tap Battery.
  2. Scroll down and tap Charging settings.
  3. Tap the switch next to Fast charging or Fast wireless charging.

How do I turn on Qi wireless charging? ›

How do I turn on Qi charging? Wireless charging Qi as the most popular wireless charging is enabled by default on most smartphones. Connect the wireless charger to a power outlet and place the phone in the center of the charging pad. A power or charging icon will be shown when the charging begins.

How do I get my wireless charging to work? ›

Place the phone face up on the coil charging symbol on the pad or in the pocket. The phone needs to be fully on the charging pad or in the charging pocket. It must be lined up properly or it won't work. You'll see the charging symbol display on the phone when it's charging.

How do I know if my Samsung wireless charger is charging? ›

In the wireless charging pad , the LED will light up Blue. When the charging is completed, the battery icon will be changed to a full charged icon and the device indicator LED will light green. In the wireless charging pad , the LED will light up Green.

How to check if wireless charging is working? ›

How do you know if a wireless charger is charging your phone? Most phones will tell you when they are charging. Some have a sound for charge starting and another for charge stopping. Most also put a little lightning bolt on or next to the battery indicator.

Why won't my phone charge in my wireless car charger? ›

Why Isn't My Wireless Car Charger Charging My Phone? If you have a wireless car charger not working, it can be due to phone and charger misalignment. Additionally, it can happen due to incompatible wireless chargers.

Why is my phone not compatible with wireless charging? ›

It's important to note that not all phones within a specific brand or model line may support wireless charging, so be sure to check the specifications for your specific device. In addition to the specifications, some phones may also have a wireless charging indicator in the settings menu.

How to check if your phone is Qi compatible? ›

Before you buy a Qi wireless charger, make sure your phone supports it. For iPhones, this is easy to determine by looking at the back of your phone. For Android users, you'll need to check the manufacturer's website to determine if your phone supports Qi charging.

What is a Qi-enabled device? ›

What are Qi enabled phones? Qi enabled phones are phones that use the Qi standard for wireless charging. They have built-in Qi receiving coil for inductive energy transfer. When you place them on a wireless charger, they automatically receive power.

Which Androids are Qi-enabled? ›

  • Samsung Galaxy Alpha.
  • Samsung Galaxy Note II.
  • Samsung Galaxy Note III.
  • Samsung Galaxy Note IV.
  • Samsung Galaxy note V.
  • Samsung Galaxy S3.
  • Samsung Galaxy S4.
  • Samsung Galaxy S5.

How do I enable charging on my iPhone? ›

Go to Settings > Battery > Battery Health & Charging. Do one of the following: On iPhone 14 and earlier models: Turn on Optimized Battery Charging. On iPhone 15 models: Tap Charging Optimization, then choose Optimized Battery Charging.

How do I enable MAG charging? ›

Connect MagSafe Charger to power using the Apple 20W USB-C power adapter or another compatible power adapter (sold separately). Do one of the following: iPhone: (supported models) Place MagSafe Charger on the back of iPhone or its MagSafe case or sleeve. The charging symbol appears when iPhone starts charging.

Can you charge your phone on Logitech Powerplay? ›

But, there's a sweet spot that charges your devices...the rest of the mat is just a mat. This one will not charge your phone or any device not specifically meant for it - but the ENTIRE pad is a charging surface for the mouse.

How do I get my charging pad to work? ›

Place the phone face up on the coil charging symbol on the pad or in the pocket. The phone needs to be fully on the charging pad or in the charging pocket. It must be lined up properly or it won't work. You'll see the charging symbol display on the phone when it's charging.

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