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Remnant 2 uses an incredibly customizable system for character classes called Archetypes. Archetypes provide a set of skills and perks that your character will earn as they level up. Each Archetype has a unique skill set that changes your playstyle in many subtle and not-so-subtle ways. Here’s a guide to selecting the right starting Archetype for you.

Your Playstyle

The first thing you should determine is your desired playstyle. Remnant 2 is a difficult game, so it’s best to select an Archetype that plays in a way that’s familiar to you. Ask yourself the following questions before you pick an Archetype:


  1. Do you want to focus on ranged or melee damage? If ranged, short range or long?
  2. Do you plan to play with other people or solo?
  3. Do you need a safety net, something that’ll revive you if you fall?

With your answers to these three questions in mind, check out the next section describing each of the Archetypes in more detail.

Remnant 2 Starting Archetypes (Classes)

There are four starting Archetypes in Remnant 2. Each of the four starting Archetypes has its own unique skill set, and they’re all very different. Check out this list to learn more about their characteristics.

  • Challenger
  • Handler
  • Hunter
  • Medic


The Challenger is a classic melee bruiser in many respects. That said, it does offer a ranged weapon bonus that gives it some much-needed versatility. The Challenger can function well solo thanks to its Prime Perk and impressive durability. It does well as a damage sponge in co-op but tends to get in the way of its ranged teammates.

Check out our article on How to Unlock Every Starting Archetype to learn how to unlock the Challenger Archetype.

Prime PerkDie HardWhen receiving fatal damage, the Challenger becomes invulnerable for 2s and regenerates 50% of Max Health. Can only happen once every 10 minutes. Resets at Worldstone or on death.
Archetype TraitStrong BackReduces Encumbrance by -(1-10).
Starting SkillWar StompCreates a high-impact tremor that deals 150 damage and additional stagger in a forward cone up to 7.5m. Deals damage in all directions at point-blank range. Cooldown: 50s.
  • Looking for a great build that utilizes the Challenger? Check our Bloodsucker Build for more helpful tips and info!



The Handler excels at solo play. Thanks to their canine companion, they’re much more survivable than other archetypes. Their ferocious but lovable dog can draw the attention of enemies while the Handler picks them off from afar. Their dog can also revive them if they get downed.And, of course, you and your teammates can pet the dog.

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Prime PerkBondedWhen Handler is downed, Companion will attempt to revive them at 50% Max Health. Can be used to revive allies with Command. Downed ally must have a Relic charge. Cooldown: 120s.
Archetype TraitKinshipReduces Friendly Fire Damage Dealt and Received by (8-80)%
Starting SkillGuard DogCompanion will follow the Handler and generate 15% increased Threat while attacking. All damage to them is reduced by 20%.

Single Press: Companion engages enemies near the targeted location.

Double Tap: Companion returns to the Handler and remains by their side.

Hold: Howl reduces damage by 15% to all allies within 20m, and the Companion generates additional Threat. Lasts 20s.

  • Looking for a great build that utilizes the Handler? Check our Trauma Team Build for more helpful tips and info!


The Hunter is a master marksman that can deal massive damage from afar with their ranged weapon. They don’t have an ability that allows them to avoid death, so they’re not very durable, but what they lack in durability, they make up for in teamwork. Hunters can mark opponents, which increases the chance of landing a critical strike against them. They’re also excellent at dealing Weakspot damage.

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Prime PerkDead to RightsDealing 65 Base Ranged Weakspot Damage extends the duration of active Hunter Skills by 2.5s. Can extend timer beyond its initial duration.
Archetype TraitLongshotIncreases Weapon Ideal Range by (60-600)cm.
Starting SkillHunter’s MarkIncreases the Hunter’s spatial awareness by casting an Aura that automatically applies MARK to all enemies within 35m. While senses are heightened, Hunter also gains 15% increased Ranged and Melee damage. Lasts 25s. Cooldown 68s



The Medic, as its name implies, excels at healing. They can heal themselves or their teammates and even regenerate Relic charges by being an effective healer. Their utility and survivability will earn them a place on any team, but they have very little in the way of damage boosts. This makes them difficult to play solo.

Check out our article on How to Unlock Every Starting Archetype to learn how to unlock the Medic Archetype.

Prime PerkRegeneratorAfter restoring 350 Total Health to allies, regain a spent Relic charge. Resting or Respawning at a Worldstone resets healing accumulation. Each additional player increases the healing requirement by 50%.
Archetype TraitTriageIncreases Weapon Ideal Range by (60-600)cm.
Starting SkillWellspringThe Medic channels healing energy into their fist, punching a hole in the ground to create a 3m Healing Spring AoE which restores 10.5 Health per second and greatly increases Blight Decay Rate. Lasts 15s. Cooldown: 60s.
  • Looking for a great build that utilizes the Medic? Check our Trauma Team Build for more helpful tips and info!

Secret Archetypes

Remnant 2 also offers a long list of secret Archetypes. They're more difficult to unlock, but they give you many more options for buildcrafting. As you pick these Archetypes up, try them all! Experiment with different combinations of Archetypes to find one that suits the way you want to play. You may be surprised by what you land on.

  • Gunslinger
  • Summoner
  • Explorer
  • Alchemist
  • Engineer
  • Invader
  • Archon


The Gunslinger Archetype is all about fast damage with guns. If you take on the Gunslinger Archetype, you can reload your guns instantly just by using your Gunslinger skill. This will maximize your weapons' up-time so you can end fights before they even begin. If you want to squeeze all the damage potential out of your guns, the Gunslinger is the Archetype for you.

To learn how to unlock the Gunslinger, check out our article on How to Unlock the Gunslinger Archetype.


Prime PerkLoadedWhen activating any Gunslinger Skill, both weapons are instantly reloaded and gain infinite reserve ammo on all weapons for 5s.
Archetype Trait Ammo ReservesIncreases Ammo Reserves by (5-50)%.
Starting Skill QuickdrawPull out your trusty side piece and unload up to 6 Critical Shots from the hip. Each shot deals 35 base damage and double stager value.
Press: Instantly fires toward all enemies in view within 25m. Upon release, rounds will be divided evenly among all targets.
Hold & Release: Allows manual Aim and fires one single powerful shot upon release.


The Summoner class is exceptionally good at survivability and "being evil" as the description says. As a Summoner, you can animate minions that draw the attention of your foes and deal significant damage themselves. You can also unlock the Regrowth Trait with the Summoner, which is a staple for any build, even if you're not using Summoner.

To learn how to unlock the Summoner, check out our article on How to Unlock the Summoner Archetype.

Prime Perk RuthlessWhen the Summoner deals damage to their Minion, it causes them to Enrage. Minions gain 30% increased Damage, Attack Speed, and Movement Speed. Lasts 20s.
Archetype Trait RegrowthIncreases Health Regeneration by (0.15-1.5)/s.
Starting Skill Minion: HollowPress: Summons a Root Hollow Minion to fight by your side. Costs 15% of Max Health to summon but will not kill Summoner. Max (2).
Hold: Sacrifice Root Hollow Minions to explode, dealing 150 damage within 5m. Reduces Skill Cooldown by up to 50% based on the remaining Health of each Minion Sacrificed.
  • Looking for a great build that utilizes the Summoner? Check our Minion Master Build for more helpful tips and info!


The Explorer offers you the opportunity to increase how much loot you earn substantially. It doesn't offer much in the way of combat boosts, but if you can manage to survive without that, you'll earn more scrap, rarer items, and better relics. The Explorer is also excellent at dashing through areas to get from place to place easier. It's a good choice for moving around in the endgame quickly and effectively.

To learn how to unlock the Explorer, check out our article on How to Unlock the Explorer Archetype.

Prime Perk LuckyGrants a 10% chance to spawn additional items and rarer drops when defeating stronger enemies
Archetype Trait SwiftnessIncreases all Movement Speed by (1-15)%.
Starting Skill PlainswalkerIncrease Movement Speed by 20% and reduces Stamina Cost by 80% for all allies. Lasts 30s. Cooldown 60s.



The Alchemist Archetype is a support class. It's all about increasing your team's effectiveness. With the Alchemist Archetype equipped, you can have more concoctions active at a time too, which allows for some incredible combinations of effects. The Alchemist is an excellent choice for any co-op build.

To learn how to unlock the Alchemist, check out our article on How to Unlock the Alchemist Archetype.

Prime PerkSpiritedAlchemist can have 1 additional Concoction buff active.
Archetype Trait PotencyIncreases Consumable Duration by (10-100)%
Starting Skill Vial: Stone MistCreates a mysterious vapor cloud which lasts 10s and applies Stoneskin. Stoneskin reduces incoming damage by 25%, reduces Stagger by 1, greatly increases Blight Buildup Decay Rate, and makes the target immune to Status Effects. Lasts 15s.
Press: Slam Vial on the ground, creating the effect at the Alchemist's feet.
Hold & Release: Aim and throw the Vial causing the same effect where it lands.


The Engineer Archetype is all about churning out damage and taking it too. When you equip the Engineer, you can begin summoning turrets that can either fire autonomously or be wielded by you. Either way, the turret causes significant damage and draws some attention away from you and your allies. As a result, the Engineer is an excellent choice for solo or co-op play.

To learn how to unlock the Engineer, check out our article on How to Unlock the Engineer Archetype.

Prime Perk High TechHolding the Skill button will Overclock a Carried or Deployed Heavy Weapon. Overclocking grants Infinite Ammo, increased Fire Rate, and a 25% Damage increase for 20s.
Archetype Trait FortifyIncreases Armor Effectiveness by (5-50)%.
Starting Skill Heavy Weapon: VulcanPress: Deploys a Vulcan Cannon Turret which lasts until its Ammo is exhausted. Turrets that can aim will prioritize targets that the player Aims at. Press Skill again to enable autonomous targeting.
Hold: Deploys to Heavy Carry Mode. If Engineer Prime is available, will Overclock the weapon if already in hand or on the battlefield.
Double Press: The weapon is reclaimed, returning 75% of its remaining Ammo.
Heavy Weapon Ammo is regenerated by 1% every second, and Heavy Weapons can only be deployed if at least 25% Ammo is available.
  • Looking for a great build that utilizes the Engineer? Check our Minion Master Build for more helpful tips and info!



The Invader Archetype is a subtle warrior capable of leaving decoys and teleporting around the battlefield. When you take on the Invader Archetype, you greatly increase your ability to evade damage. The Invader can make some boss fights significantly easier because it can guarantee a perfect dodge in some situations. This makes the Invader an excellent choice for solo players.

To learn how to unlock the Invader, check out our article on How to Unlock the Invader Archetype.

Prime PerkShadowCasting an Invader Skill leaves a Decoy for 3s which draws enemy fire. Deal 5% additional damage to enemies not targeting Invader
Archetype Trait UntouchableIncreases Evade Window by (3-30)%.
Starting Skill Void CloakAutomatically Perfect Dodge incoming direct damage for 60s. Each auto-evade reduces timer by 33%-100% based on damage absorbed and spawns a Decoy for 3s.
  • Looking for a great build that utilizes the Invader? Check our Bloodsucker Build for more helpful tips and info!


The Archon Archetype excels at using weapon Mods to their fullest. With the Archon Archetype equipped, you can build Mod Power significantly faster and get more power from your Mods every time you use them. The Archon can be incredibly powerful with the right Mods equipped. It can function well in solo or in co-op, depending on your build.

To learn how to unlock the Archon, check out our article on How to Unlock the Archon Archetype.

Prime PerkTempestAutomatically generate 2 Mod Power per second. Casting a Mod increases all Mod Generation by 50% for 6s.
Archetype Trait Flash CasterIncreases Mod and Skill Casting Speed by (5-50)%
Starting Skill Reality RuneConjures a 7m protective dome which applies Slow to any enemy or enemy projectile. Allies inside gain 25% Damage Reduction. Lasts 15s.

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