Remnant 2 classes - all 11 archetypes in-depth (2024)

Gunfire Gameshas gone bigger in almost every way with Remnant 2, and one of the core ways the developerhas done it is with deeper and more interesting Remnant 2 classes. Each of the Remnant 2 archetypes is vastly more complex and intricate than the first game with its own unique playstyle, skills, perks, and buffs which can be combined together as you progress through the game.

Below, you can find a full deep dive into each of the classes Gunfire Gameshas added and improved inRemnant 2– one of the best Soulslike games to release. It’s a good idea to find your favorite beforeyou properly jump into the RPG game andbegin crafting your build. If you’re having a hard time deciding then read further on for our expert take on which Remnant 2 class to pick, which comes after over 50 hours of tangling with beasties in our Remnant 2 review. For more guides that will help you during your own playthrough, be sure to bookmark our Remnant 2 walkthrough.

Remnant 2 classes list

There are11Remnant 2 classes and archetypes, yet only a handful of them are selectable upon completing the game’s introduction. The rest can be unlocked by collecting various objects and handing them to Wallace in Ward 13.

Here are the Remnant 2 classes and archetypes:

  • Gunslinger
  • Handler
  • Challenger
  • Medic
  • Hunter
  • Summoner
  • Alchemist
  • Explorer
  • Engineer
  • Invader
  • Archon

Theseeleven archetypes in Remnant 2 are all vastly different and offer an in-depth selection of abilities, skills, weapons, and support abilities to help boost your team and help them survive. Paired with the best Remnant 2 weapons, you’ll be well-equipped to take down all the bosses standing in your way. You can find deeper dives into each one below:

Remnant 2 Gunslinger class

The Gunslinger is a firearms expert and has a number of perks that boost their effectiveness with the weapons in their kit. They are kings at dealing damage, ammo efficiency, and pumping out bullets faster than you can think.

We find the Gunslinger class especially fun with the XMG57 Bonesaw, and LMG that, with the Gunslinger’s Prime Perk, Loaded, almost never has to be reloaded. This comes alongside the damage and rate of fire boosts as well, massively increasing overall DPS, no matter what weapon you use.

Overall, the Gunslinger is a strong class and certainly a great one to pick first, though the focus on all-out damage does mean its lacking in survivability.

The perks on offer with the Gunslinger include:

  • Loaded – When activating any Gunslinger skill, both weapons are instantly reloaded and gain infinite reserve ammo on all weapons for 15 seconds.
  • Swift Shot – Gain 15% fire rate, 25% ranged damage, and 5% critical chance for all firearms.
  • Posse Up – Ammo pickups award 30% additional ammo per player with the bonus split equally among teammates. Causes ammo boxes to drop additional ammo on the ground.
  • Quick Hands – Firearms gain 10% reload speed and the bonus is doubled if the magazine is empty.
  • Sleight of Hand – Using a relic reloads the equipped firearm and increases ranged damage by 15% for 10 seconds.

The Gunslinger skills in Remnant 2 are:

  • Quick Draw – Pull out your trusty side piece and unload up to 6 rounds from the hip dealing 93 damage per shot. Pressing the button instantly fires towards all enemies in view within 25 meters, which upon release rounds will be divided evenly among all targets. Holding and releasing the button aims the weapon manually allowing control of all shots fired.
  • Sidewinder – Calls upon the power of the Desert Sidewinder snake to increase ADS movement speed and draw/swap speed by 50%. Cycling weapons will automatically reload your incoming firearm for 20 seconds.
  • Bulletstorm – Unleashes the full power and speed of the Gunslinger. Traditional firearms become fully automatic. Bows and crossbows gain 50% increased projectile speed and a 25% critical chance. Increases fire rate by 20% and reload speed by 50% for 20 seconds.

Remnant 2 Handler class

The Handler class comes with a companion that can help support you and your team. It is a jack-of-all-trades support class, able to do a number of things including damage, support your team, and distract enemies. This is all done through commands with your companion which can have them distract enemies or help you and your team out.

This makes the Handler one of, if not the best pick for solo players as you’re able to adapt to any situation. Likewise, youcan also have another form of healing besides your flask which lets you stay in the fight for longer, especially considering your dog can actually revive you.

While your damage won’t quite compete with something like the Gunslinger, it makes up for it through its versatility. It’s almost like having a second player along for the fight, and you can push that even further by combining the Handler with the Engineer later in the game to have a dog and a turret on the field.

The perks on offer with the Handler include:

  • Bonded – when the Handler is downed, your companion will attempt to revive them at 50% max health. Can be used to revive allies with a command, but the downed ally must have a Dragon Heart.
  • Pack Hunter – Gain 30% ranged and skill damage and 5% ranged and skill critical chance while your companion is active and within 25 meters of the player.
  • Spirit of the Wolf – Increases movement speed by 10%. All allies within 10 meters equal the Handler’s movement speed if faster. Reduces the stamina cost of all actions for all allies by 15%.
  • Teamwork – Handler and the companion gain 30% increased revive speed. While reviving the Handler and companion receive 25% less damage and the companion gains -1 stagger.
  • Best Friend – Using a Relic fully restores your companion’s health and grants then 25% damage 35% damage resistance for 15 seconds.

The commands your companion can be given replace the Handler skills and are as follows:

  • Guard Dog – Your companion followsyou and gains 15% increased threat and all damage to the is reduced by 20%. A single press will cause your companion to engage enemies at a location, while a double press will call your companion back to you. A hold of the command will cause a howl that reduces damage by 15% to all allies within 20 metes and gives your companion additional threat.
  • Support Dog – Your companion follows you and continuously heals allies within 3.5 meters for 0.25% of max health per second. A single press will cause the companion to engage enemies near the location. A double press will call the companion back to you and a hold of the button will grant 2% of your max health per second and 25% increased movement speed to all allies within 20 meters.
  • Attack Dog – Your companion follows you around and gain 20% damage. A single press engages the companion near the location and a double press returns the companion to your side. A hold of the button increases damage by 20% for all allies within 20 meters.

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Remnant 2 Challenger class

The Challenger class in Remnant 2 is a brute-force tank. With bulky armor and strong melee weapons, they are close-to-mid-range destroyers focused on heavy armor and surviving heavier attacks. They are able to become unstoppable drastically reduce the damage they take and improve many of their stats.

Unfortunately, the Challenger doesn’t quite hit the mark. It’s undoubtedly fun charging at the enemy with a large sword or the like raised, but you’ll often be met by too much damage to make it worthwhile if you’re playing solo.

However, the Challenger can be a strong Remnant 2 class when paired with the Engineer or Medic class, adding ranged damage and healing respectively. This helps you lean into the unique bruiser playstyle of the Challenger.

The perks on offer with the Challenger are:

  • Die Hard – When receiving fatal damage, the Challenger becomes invulnerable for five seconds and regenerates 100% of their max health. This can only happen once every ten minutes.
  • Close Quarters – Gain up to 40% ranged and melee damage to all enemies within seven meters. Damage bonus tapers off until 13 meters. Critical chance is increased by up to 10% at the same range. This damage is increased with your Challenger Level.
  • Intimidating Presence – After activating a Challenger Skill, enemies within ten meters deal 10% less damage for 15 seconds with an additional 2.5% damage reduction per enemy affected (max 10%).
  • Powerlifter – Both the additional stamina cost increase for each weight bracket and stamina regen delay are reduced by 50%.
  • Face of Danger – Using a Relic within 10m of an enemy grants two stacks of Bulwark and 10% increased damage for ten seconds.

The Challenger’s skills are:

  • War Stomp – Creates a high-impact tremor that deals 210 damage and additional stagger in a forward cone up to 7.5 meters. It deals damage in all directions at point-blank range.
  • Juggernaut – Become nearly unstoppable, gaining Bulwark level 3, 15% increased movement and melee speed, and 50% increased melee damage. Stagger damage is reduced by one. Lasts 25 seconds.
  • Rampage – Enters a heightened state of battle which increases fire rate by 15%, reload speed by 20%, and movement speed by 10%. Lasts 20 seconds. Additionally, dealing high damage to enemies grants one stack of Rage which increases ranged damage by 5% per stack. Upon reaching 10 stacks, the Challenger goes Berserk, which reloads their current firearm and doubles Rampage effects for 20 seconds.

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Remnant 2 Medic class

The Medic class is what you want to pick if you are a team player, focused on working with your allies. They heal much faster and more efficiently than any other class and can keep their team alive and in the fight.

However, the Medic is also one of the best solo classes thanks to its ability to out-heal damage. With limited healing flasks and all eyes on you playing alone, self-healing is greatly appreciated.

It also helps that the Medic comes with theXMG57 Bonesaw by default. Having one of the best weapons in the game right away undoubtedly helps make the Medic not just one of the strongest Remnant 2 classes, but also a great starting class.

The Medic’s perks are:

  • Regenerator – After restoring 250 total health to allies, regain a spent Relic charge.
  • Invigorated – Grants a 25% increase to all damage and 5% critical chance. Damage increases with medic level.
  • Benevolence – Increases Relic efficacy by 15% and heals nearby allies for 30% of their total healing value, increasing to 60% for any ally below 35% max health.
  • Backbone – Increases the hits Medix can take before losing grey health by 2.
  • Benefactor – Increases Relic use speed by 20%. Relic use gains -1 stagger.

The Medic’s skills are:

  • Wellspring – The Medic channels healing energy into their fist, punching a hole in the ground to create a three-meter healing spring AOE which restores 10.5 health per second and greatly increases Blight decay rate.
  • Healing Shield – The medic quickly expels healing energy to shield all allies within 25 meters for 100% of their max health for ten seconds. While shielded, allies regenerate 30% of their max health over the duration.
  • Redemption – The medic unleashes a 30-meter shockwave that revives downed allies and restores 75% max health over ten seconds. For each additional one second holding the skill button, the heal gains an additional 75%, up to 300% maximum. Revived allies will only receive 25% of the healing amount. If revived, allies cannot be revived again by Redemption for another 150 seconds. Resets at the Worldstone or on death.

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Remnant 2 Hunter class

The Hunter class in Remnant 2 is focused on long-range, precision-based gunplay identifying targets and eliminating them using a variety of perks that allow them to pick off enemies. They can also help out their team and deal the most damage to weak points.

Due to the Hunter’s focus on weakspot damage, this is one of the Remnant 2 classes ideal for boss fights. Since most bosses have obvious weakspots, the Hunter can take advantage of it to multiply its damage output, no matter what weapon you’re using.

However, the Hunter can feel a little squishy at times if you’re not making use of Hunter’s Shroud to avoid and mitigate damage. If you’re playing co-op with a support class or solo but using class merging to handle the healing yourself, then this isn’t much of an issue.

If you’re really looking to dish out some heavy damage, then we recommend taking a look at the Hunter and Gunslinger class combination. You’ll gain the various damage and weakspot buffs of the Hunter and the fire rate and ammo buffs of the Gunslinger.

The perks are:

  • Dead to Rights – Dealing 55 base ranged weakspot damage extends the duration of active hunter skills by 3.5 seconds. The timer can be extended beyond its initial duration.
  • Deadeye – Gain 40% ranged damage, 15% weakspot damage, and 5% ranged critical chance. Damage increases with Hunter level.
  • Return To Sender – Kills due to weakspot and critical hits increase ammo drops by 50% and double the chance of ammo drops.
  • Urgency – Firearms gain 15% reload speed and 15% increased movement speed after a kill. Lasts five seconds.
  • Intuition – Using a relic extends the duration of any active hunter skill by ten seconds. Effect degrades with each subsequent use. Weakspot kills against marked enemies increase speed of the next Relic use within 15 seconds by 5%. Stacks ten times.

The Hunter skills are:

  • Mark – Spot enemies through walls andboost critical chance from your team by 15% on marked targets.
  • Hunter’s Mark – Increases the hunter’s spatial awareness by casting an aura that automatically applies Mark to all enemies within 35 meters. While senses are heightened, Hunter also gains 15% increased ranged and melee damage. Lasts 25 seconds.
  • Hunter’s Focus – Heightens the hunter’s senses which causes aiming at an enemy for 0.01 seconds to apply Mark. Continuously aiming down sights uninterrupted and without shooting for one second causes the hunter to enter a Focused state. When Focused weapon speed, recoil, and sway are reduced by 75% and ranged and ranged weakspot damage is boosted by 25%. Ranged critical chance is boosted by 10%. Focusedcan last for up toten seconds.
  • Hunter’s Shroud – Hunter becomes shrouded, reducing enemy awareness and making them harder to hit while moving. Attacking or activating a mod or skill will instantly exit shroud. Exiting shroud applies Markto all enemies within ten meters and grants Ambush to the hunter for two seconds. Ambush increases ranged and melee damage by 50%, which diminishes over its duration, and applies Mark when enemies are attacked. The hunter will shroud again automatically after 1.15 seconds if no offensive actions are performed.

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Remnant 2 Summoner class

The Summoner makes use of damage-dealing minions to help support them in a fight when solo or playing in co-op. The minions are able to distract enemies, heal you, and sacrifice themselves in the name of taking down the enemies scattered across the game’s worlds.

To unlock the Summoner archetype,you must firstreach the Yaesha region. Here you’ll need to shoot purple wisps during a Blood Moon (such as when the skies are red). Doing sogives you a currency that lets you purchase its class item via an altar.

Despite the unique summoning playstyle, the Summoner isn’t all too spectacular, mainly due to the minion AI. With that said, having extra allies is a great benefit when you’re playing solo as the focus won’t all be on you. If you pick this Remnant 2 class, we recommend you merge it with the Handler or Alchemist for some added survivability.

The Summoner perks are:

  • Dominator – +17.5% skill and mod damage when a minion is active; sacrifice gives +15% damage for 30 seconds or until another minion is summoned.
  • Residue – Minions that die/expire leave an aura that heals 2.5% max HP per second; lasts 30 seconds.
  • Outrage – Sacrifice grants +3% lifesteal for each minion that’s sacrificed; lasts 10 seconds.
  • Incite – Using a relic grants minions +5% max HP per second and +15% damage; lasts 30 seconds.

The Summoner skills are:

  • Hollow – Costs 15% of max HP; max of two Root Hollow minions.
  • Flyer – Costs 10% of max HP; max of two Root Flyer minions.
  • Reaver – Costs 35% of max HP; max of one Root Reaver minion.

You can find out more about how to unlock the Remnant 2 Summoner class in our guide.

Remnant 2 Alchemist class

The Alchemist class in Remnant 2 is focused on boosting your buffs, improving various stats, and increasing your consumable duration. It is aimed at supporting both you and your team, allowing you to revive faster, protect yourself, or survive longer in fights. Unlocked by finding the class engramafterdefeating a Rat Ogre that drags you through a sewer drain in the Losomn region, the Alchemist unfortunately isn’t one of the starting Remnant 2 classes.

Nevertheless, the Alchemist is one of our favorite Remnant 2 classes thanks to how versatile it is in solo and co-op playing. Being able to not just heal but also boost offensive stats is incredibly powerful whether you’re fighting hordes of weaker enemies or a big boss.

The Alchemist perks are:

  • Spirited – Alchemist can have 1 additional Concoction buff activated.
  • Liquid Courage – Gain 2.5% increase to all damage.
  • Panacea – Curative effects apply to all allies within 15 meters and grant 15 additional resistance.
  • Gold To Lead – Picking up Scrap has a 15% chance to also award ammo to the Alchemist.
  • Experimentalist – Using a Relic applies a random buff on the Alchemist for 30 seconds.

The Alchemist skills are:

  • Vial: Stone Mist –Creates a mysterious vapor cloud that lasts ten seconds and applies Stoneskin. Stoneskinreduces incoming damage by 25%, greatly increases Blight build-up decay rate, reduces stagger by 1, and makes the target immune to status effects. Lasts 15 seconds. Press the button toslam the vial on the ground, creating the effect at the Alchemist’s feet. Hold and release to aim and throw the vial causing the same effect where it lands.
  • Vial: Frenzy Dust –Creates a mysterious vapor cloud that laststen seconds and applies Frenzied. Frenzied increases fire rate, reload speed, and melee speed by 20%, and movement speed by 15%. Lasts 15 seconds. Press the button to slam the vial on the ground, creating the effect at the Alchemist’s feet. Hold and release to aim and throw the vial causing the same effect where it lands.
  • Vial: Elixir of Life – Creates a mysterious vapor cloud that lasts ten seconds and applies Living Will. Living Will grants 5 health regeneration per second and automatically protects against fatal damage while active. Can revive downed players if it heals them to full when downed. Press the button toslam the vial on the ground, creating the effect at the Alchemist’s feet. Hold and release to aim and throw the vial causing the same effect where it lands.

Remnant 2 Explorer class

The Explorer classis the final option in the game and it is almost entirely focused on improving loot drops, finding more items, and getting more materials. Therefore, it is a great class to use when you are searching for items or looking to farm.

Unfortunately, that does mean that the Explorer isn’t a class most players will use. Since it’s not all that useful in a fight, whether for offensive, defense, or support, you’d need to pair it will a strong class to get by. It also lacks synergies with many weapons because of this, so its best to leave this class alone for the most part.

The Explorer perks are:

  • Lucky – Grants a 10% chance to spawn additional items and rarer drops when defeating stronger enemies.
  • Scavenger –Pickups increase all damage dealt by 0.5% per stack for 15s. Additional stacks increase duration, up to 60 seconds. Maximum of five stacks.
  • Metal Detector –Increase ammo, currency, and metal drop rate chance for the entire party by 10%.
  • Prospector –Relic Fragments discovered by Explorer drop at a higher quality.
  • Self Discovery– Using a Relic instantly fills Scavenger stacks and prevents stack decay for 15 seconds.

The Explorer skills are:

  • Plainswalker – Increases movement speed by 20% and reduces stamina cost by 80% for all allies. Lasts 30 seconds.
  • Gold Digger – Dig into the ground to spring a fountain that grants a random buff. Fountains last 45 seconds and their buffs last 15 seconds. Fountains can grant either: 10% increased damage, 15% damage reduction, 1.5 health regeneration per second, or Haste.
  • Fortune Hunter –Increases the Explorer’s treasure sense to reveal special items within 40 meters for all allies. Lasts 60 seconds.

Remnant 2 Engineer class

The Engineer class is a weapon-based class, focused on using heavy machinery and guns to take down opponents, lock down chokepoints, and hold off enemies. It is one of the more specialist classes in the game, though it often has its time to shine thanks to its strong DPS potential, even against bosses.

With a variety of turrets to choose from, you’ve got something to suit every scenario, whether that be a flamethrower or a cannon. Like the Handler and the Summoner, the Engineer is great for solo players looking for some extra support. We recommend chasing this class down right away as its great as a main or multiclass option.

The Engineer perks are:

  • Prime Perk: Holding the skill button will overclock a carried or deployed heavy weapon. Overclocking grants Infinite Ammo, increased fire rate, and a 25% damage increase for 15 seconds.
  • Metalworker: Increases skill damage by 5%.
  • Magnetic Field: Heavy weapons grant 15% damage reduction to all allies within 2.5m.
  • Heavy Mobility – Movement speed while carrying a heavy weapon is increased by 35%.
  • Surplus: Using a relic refills 15% of heavy weapon ammo. Bonus is doubled when heavy weapon is stowed.

The Engineer skills are:

  • Heavy Vulcan – Deploys a Vulcan Cannon Turret which lasts until its ammo is exhausted. Turrets that can aim will prioritize targets that the player aims at. Press the skill again to enable autonomous targeting. Hold the button to deploy the Heavy Carry Mode. If the Engineer Prime is available, it will overclock the weapon already in hand or on the battlefield. Double press the button to reclaim the weapon, returning 75% of its remaining ammo.
  • Flamethrower – Deploys a Flamethrower Turret which lasts until its ammo is exhausted. Turrets that can aim will prioritize targets that the player aims at. Press the skill again to enable autonomous targeting. Hold the button to deploy Heavy Carry Mode.If the Engineer Prime is available, it will overclock the weapon already in hand or on the battlefield. Double press the button to reclaim the weapon, returning 75% of its remaining ammo.
  • Impact Cannon – Deploys an Impact Cannon Turret whichlasts until its ammo is exhausted. Turrets that can aim will prioritize targets that the player aims at. Press the skill again to enable autonomous targeting. Hold the button to deploy the Heavy Carry Mode. If the Engineer Prime is available, it will overclock the weapon already in hand or on the battlefield. Double press the button to reclaim the weapon, returning 75% of its remaining ammo.

You can find out how to unlock the Remnant 2 Engineer class in our article covering what to do.

Remnant 2 Invader class

The Invader class is an extremely unique class in the game, almost entirely focused on buffing your attacks, stats, or being able to make the most of unique opportunities. As such it is one of the classes for experienced players.

With a bag full of tricks, including decoys and a teleport ability, the Invader is a fast-paced class that plays on deception to succeed. However, it’s not all about tricking your enemy, as the Invader can also grant buffs such as increased damage and lifesteal. As such, it’s incredibly fun to play once you get the hang of its more mobile playstyle.

The Invader perks are:

  • Prime Perk: Shadow– Casting a skill leaves a decoy that draws enemy fire, lasting for three seconds; you deal 5% more damage to enemies that are not targeting you.
  • Damage Perk: Shark– Sprinting for one second or evading adds one stack of Momentum, increasing ranged and melee damage by 0.7% for 15 seconds; maximum of five stacks.
  • Team Perk: Loophole– Ally ranged and melee damage against enemies distracted by your decoys grants 5% damage as lifesteal.
  • Utility Perk:Circumvent– Reduces the stamina cost of evade and combat slide by 10%.
  • Relic Perk: Override– Using a Relic reduces your threat generation by 25% for 10 seconds. While Override is active, your next evade leaves behind a decoy that lasts for four seconds.

The Invader skills are:

  • Void Cloak– Automatically does a perfect dodge on incoming direct damage for 60 seconds; each auto evade reduces this timer by 33-100% based on the damage absorbed; spawns a decoy for three seconds.
  • Wormhole– Teleports your character; your next melee or ranged attack deals 300% damage. Holding the skill button allows you to highlight a location, or appear behind an enemy if that’s your target.
  • Reboot– Creates a “backup” of your current health, stamina, Relic charges, ammo, and status effects, which are stored for 30 seconds. While the backup is active, you gain 15% movement speed and 10% damage reduction. If you press the skill button once more, you regain the state from your backup, while spawning a decoy that lasts three seconds.

You can find out how to unlock the Remnant 2 Invader class in our guide.

Remnant 2 Archon class

Speaking of complex classes, the Archon is a spell-wielding class focused on a variety of attacks using runes, domes, shields, and more. This allowsthem to be one of the most interesting Remnant 2 classes you can choose but also one of the more challenging ones to master.

When you do have a firm grasp of the Archon, however, you’ll find a great class underneath. With the ability to buff yourself and allies, as well as controlling the battlefield through slowing effects, the Archon is a useful addition to any team or class combination.

Most importantly though, the Archon is all about mod power and generation. Paired with the right equipment, this class is a powerhouse thanks to its niche skills.

The Archon’s perks are:

  • Prime Perk: Tempest— Passively generate 2 mod power per second; casting a mod power increases mod power generation by 50% for six seconds.
  • Damage Perk: Amplify— Increases mod damage by 5%.
  • Team Perk: Power Creep— After casting a mod, 5% of the mod power spent will be regenerated by all allies over 10 seconds.
  • Utility Perk: Spirit Within— Reduces mod power requirement by 15%.
  • Relic Perk: Power Leak— Using a Relic grants 200 mod power for both firearm mods.
  • Archetype Trait: Flesh Caster— Increases mod skill and casting speed, up to 50% at level 10.

The Archon’s skills are:

  • Reality Rune— Conjures a dome that applies slow to any enemy or projectile; allies inside the dome gain 25% damage reduction; lasts 15 seconds.
  • Chaos Gate— Conjures an unstable zone that grants allies 15% damage dealt and 25% mod power generation; increases the damage that allies take by 15%; lasts 20 seconds.
  • Havoc Form— Unleashes the powers of the Labyrinth to empower the caster. Lightning Tendrils – Press and hold the fire button to shoot lightning from your hands, dealing shock damage to nearby targets. This is just like the Destiny Arc Warlock’s “tickle fingers” super. Energy Shield – Press and hold the aim button to raise a shield, dealing shock damage per second and reducing incoming damage for allies by 50%. Blink Evade – Press the dodge button to do a blink teleport that also deals shock damage to nearby enemies.

Which Remnant 2 class should you pick?

While our Remnant 2 best class list provides a detailed rundown on which class you should pick based on pure power, the true answer to which Remnant 2 class you should pick is a little more complicated. After all, while you could opt for an S-tier archetype, you might find its gameplay dull, or struggle to get to grips with it.

As such, the Remnant 2 class you should pick ultimately comes down to your personal playstyle. If you like dogs then opt for the Handler. If you like big, powerful guns, then become an Engineer – et cetera, et cetera. Though there are tiers to the Remnant 2 classes, they are all viable in one way or another (even if some are better suited to being secondary classes). It’s only through experimentation and knowing what your typical playstyle is in other games that you’ll find the Remnant 2 class for you.

That is what you need to know about how the Remnant 2 classes work with the bigger and bolder sequel, as well as which class you should pick first. The game is one of the best Xbox co-op games or best PS5 co-op gamesas we found out in our review,so there is no reason not to jump in and put your best Xbox controller or best PS5 controller to good use. Happy slaying!

Remnant 2 classes - all 11 archetypes in-depth (2024)


What is the hardest Archetype to get in Remnant 2? ›

Remnant 2 allows players to swap between different classes known as Archetypes, with some being available from the start while others are hidden behind secrets. The hidden Archon Archetype in Remnant 2 is the most difficult to unlock, requiring rare items and steps that weren't meant to be organically discovered.

How many Archetypes can you have in Remnant 2? ›

You're only able to choose from four (five if you pre-ordered the game) of the 13 Remnant 2 classes at the beginning. But in this Remnant 2 guide, we'll teach you how to find all of the game's classes and tell you a bit about them.

What is the best Archetype combination in Remnant 2? ›

Best Remnant 2 Archetypes and combinations. Medic: A great beginner and team-oriented Archetype focused on survival. Useful in pretty much any situation, especially in co-op play. Pairs well with Handler, Challenger, and Alchemist.

How to unlock other Archetypes in Remnant 2? ›

If you already have the necessary items, return to Wallace to turn it into a Class Engram. This process usually requires that particular item, 10 Lumenite Crystals, and 1,000 Scrap. You can then equip the Class Engram via the character menu, which enables the second Archetype.

What is the best class in Remnant 2? ›

Remnant 2 best classes for solo and co-op play
  • Challenger. The challenger is more of a novelty in Remnant 2. ...
  • Hunter. The Hunter can empower allies in Remnant 2. ...
  • Medic. Medic is Remnant 2's best co-op class for its supportive abilities. ...
  • Gunslinger. ...
  • Handler.
Jul 21, 2023

What is the best Archetype for the gunslinger Remnant 2? ›

Remnant 2 Gunslinger Build

With that being said, combining the Gunslinger and Hunter results in the Sharpshooter Archetype, which is hands-down the best when it comes to maximizing the damage output of guns.

How many secret classes are in Remnant 2? ›

These Archetypes are not available at the start of the game. Rather, players have to explore the various worlds of Remnant 2 and find the associated Engrams for each Archetype. There are six secret Archetypes in Remnant 2; Alchemist, Archon, Engineer, Explorer, Invader, and Summoner.

What is the best character for solo in Remnant 2? ›

  • 8 Handler. ...
  • 7 Summoner. ...
  • 6 Explorer. ...
  • 5 Hunter. ...
  • 4 Gunslinger. ...
  • 3 Invader. ...
  • 2 Challenger. Challenger is Remnant 2's requisite tanking starter class. ...
  • 1 Engineer. Although it's not available from the start, Engineer is the best class for a solo run of Remnant 2.
Jul 28, 2023

What is the best Archetype for the handler in Remnant 2? ›

Remnant 2 Handler Build

The Handler can work well in tandem with any Archetype, but for a support-focused build, players will want to take Medic as either their main or secondary Archetype. This decision depends on whether players need the dog to revive downed allies.

What is the best build in Remnant 2? ›

A Bleed build seems to shine in any game featuring a Bleed status effect, and Remnant 2 is no exception. This setup revolves around causing Bleed on enemies and letting it deal the bulk of the damage, allowing you to hang back and finish them off with a few well-placed shots.

How to get the Invoker Archetype Remnant 2? ›

Go talk to Wallace like usual and pay him to transform the Old Flute into the Spirit Flute. Once you have it, the Spirit Flute will give you access to the Invoker archetype. The Invoker is all about casting lots of spells.

How to get gunslinger Archetype Remnant 2? ›

Here's how to unlock The Gunslinger if you didn't choose it as your starter archetype: You need to have completely beaten the second world of your campaign and killed the world boss there. After that, you need to return to the Labyrinth for a story cutscene, then it's back to Ward 13. Remember our friend Mudtooth?

How to unlock Invader Archetype Remnant 2? ›

How to Unlock the Invader Archetype in Remnant 2
  1. To unlock the Invader class, you need to bring the Dreamcatcher melee weapon to the Corrupted Harbor in Root Earth. ...
  2. Equip the Dreamcatcher and melee attack the creature to interact with it.
Jul 25, 2023

What is the max Archetype rank in Remnant 2? ›

Since Archetypes max out at level 10, the highest the Archetype Level can be is 20. The combined total of all Archetype Levels added together. With 12 Archetypes total (as of the time of the Awakened King DLC), that's a maximum of 120 levels.

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