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  • 2024-25 Meetings · July 10-12, 2024 (includes retreat) · September 12-13, 2024 · October 10-11, 2024 · December 12-13, 2024 · February 13-14, 2025 · March 12-14 ...

  • The Board of Regents works to fulfill the mission of the University of Minnesota in education, research, and outreach.

5. Regents Communications | University of Michigan-Dearborn

  • Regents Meeting Date · List of Items to Provost Office · Memoirs & Memorials · Instructional and/or Academic Admin Staff Changes/Appointments · Non-Instructional ...

  • The University of Michigan is governed by the Board of Regents, which consists of eight members elected at large in biennial statewide elections. The president of the University serves as an ex officio member of the board.

6. "I will not be intimidated": UM regents respond to protests at their homes ...

  • 16 mei 2024 · Students protested outside the University of Michigan Regents' meeting, demanding divestment from any company that helps to support Israel's war ...

  • In a rare Zoom-only meeting of the Board of Regents of the University of Michigan, regents reiterated their refusal to meet protesters' demands for divestment from Israel.

7. UMich Board of Regents discuss protests, divestment and promotions

  • 19 mei 2024 · U-M alum Lauren Schandevel urged the board to reconsider its position on maintaining its investments in companies profiting from the Israeli ...

  • The University of Michigan Board of Regents met Thursday afternoon via Zoom to discuss their continued investment in companies with financial ties to Israel, development of technology to combat media generated by generative artificial intelligence and staff promotions this year.

8. Regents Roundup for May 2024 | University of Michigan-Dearborn

  • 17 mei 2024 · Get the details from the May 16 U-M Board of Regents meeting, including faculty promotions, administrative staff news and campus updates.

  • Professor Hafiz Malik’s research was showcased to begin the May 16 meeting.  He has created a system to detect and analyze deep fakes. Deep fakes have exploded across the internet, some are harmless fun, however others have real consequences on important issues like elections, especially important, as this is a presidential election year.

9. Students address University of Minnesota Board of Regents

  • 10 mei 2024 · ... meeting room at McNamara Alumni Center on the U of M Twin Cities campus. ... Regents meeting at the University of Minnesota on Friday. Tim Evans ...

  • Speakers included members of the UMN Divest Coalition, which has been pushing for the university to cut ties with companies linked to the Israeli military. Also addressing regents were Jewish students who have raised concerns about antisemitism on campus

U Of M Regents Meeting (2024)
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